Other Projects


My other public projects can be found on my Github Page. A few highlights:

  • Sort-and-Forward Demonstration: A proof-of-concept of a networking strategy I created during my summer 2014 internship at SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific. This work also resulted in my co-authoring a paper on Systems Engineering, which was presented at the 20th DoD Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium.
  • StarvationEvasion Server: My final project for my Design of Large Programs class was a networked, multiplayer card game written in Java where players control regions of the United States in the future, using climate simulation data to predict the outcomes of global warming. My contribution to the project was to create the server/client communication protocol and to write the server portion of the game.
  • Simple Shell: A simple shell I wrote for my Operating Systems class to demonstrate the use of basic I/O constructs like pipes.
  • Zombie House Game: A simple game I created as part of a three man team, featuring random generation and light raytracing.
  • History Chatbot: A simple chatbot I made for my AI class. It has a small amount of personality and can answer questions about certain historical information by parsing Wikipedia.
  • Markov Chain Text Generator: Generates text using Markov Chains
  • Unnamed Text Adventure: A short text adventure based on the story of Candide, with a disproportionate amount of pop-culture easter eggs.