IoT Village SAO


As a fan of DEF CON’s #badgelife, I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to contribute as part of my employment at ISE. ISE runs the IoT Village at DEF CON and at other conferences, and we wanted to have our own badge… an effort which I unfortunately couldn’t see to completion while I was there.

In the meantime, I worked with the marketing team at ISE to create this, the IoT Village official SAO. It features artwork by ISE’s talented ‘social media guy’ cum salesman Sam Levin. I worked with him to import the artwork into KiCAD, designed the rest of the PCB (it makes an LED glow, very complicated 😉), and oversaw the manufacturing process including cost optimizing the BOM and working with our PCB fabrication house to ensure the quality was up to spec.

The SAO debuted in 2018 and has seen several ‘reprints’, so keep an eye out for one if you’re at a conference with the Village.