24 September 2015

I’m currently taking Chris Holden’s honors class, titled “Local Games in ABQ”, and this week’s homework assignment was to create a small game, either using a GUI tool that we have been using in class or some other method. I chose to remix Rupee Collector, a game we had played in class about running around collecting rupees. The game was created using the LÖVE engine, a free 2D game engine that uses Lua as its scripting language.

The goal of the game is to collect as many rupees as possible within 60 seconds, using the arrows to move around.



Download a copy of Rupee Collector Classic.exe.zip and run it.

Mac OS X

Download a copy of Rupee Collector Classic.app.zip, unzip it, and run it. Note: OS X is untested, as I do not own a Mac.


Download a copy of LÖVE from your distribution’s package manager or their website, then download a copy of Rupee Collector Classic.love and open it in LÖVE.

Source Code

…is available here.